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JUMPR - Most Portable Jump Starter

The JUMPR is a sleek, lightweight external battery that houses an impressive 6,000 mAh battery pack capable of jumping a completely dead car battery in minutes. The multi-functional battery also features an USB 5V 2.1A output able to charge power hungry devices such as smartphones, cameras, and tablets. Users will never again have to worry about being stranded with a dead phone or car battery.
We're used to seeing the battery on the right, purchased at your local automobile hardware store, where it packs a flashlight, two jumper cables, and weighs... well, 25 lbs or so.  It's not easy to carry around, and we usually throw it in the trunk. Well, the JUMPR is only 7 ounces (the iPhone is 3.95 Oounces) making it quite portable just like your smartphones.
JUMPR is an ultra portable and compact universal battery pack that is just a tad bigger than your mobile phone and shorter than the length of the common sunglasses.  Despite the small size, it packs a whopping 6,000mAh lithium polymer battery inside it's metallic blue enclosure. I know what you're thinking... there are many people out there making portable USB batteries...What's so different about JUMPR?
Despite the fact that it only carries a 6,000 mAh battery and its size, the JUMPR does a lot more than just charge your mobile smartphone, camera, or tablet on the go.  With its sleek form factor of 139 x 75 x 15mm, this little device produces a 12 Volt output at a peak of 300 amps. 
If you don't know what that means, our automobiles and motorycles run on 12 Volts, and can sometimes, well, need a little boost - for those times we forgot to turn off the headlights or the days that we didn't close the door shut and the dome lights drained the power.
The JUMPR provides 12 Volts of power at peak 300 Amps to ensure that your dead automobile or motorycle battery can be brought back to life.  300 Amps is enough to jumpstart almost all 4-Cylinder and 6-Cylinder engines as well as possibly enough to jump start more depending on type of model. 
Throw this device in your purse, carry it in your back pocket, store it in your glove compartment - it's going to... one day, be your best friend. 

Capacity: 6000mAh
Size: 139 x 75 x 15mm
Weight: 7 Ounces
Output 1: 12V (150-350A).
Output 2: USB 5V 2.1A
Minimum Cycles: 500+
JUMPR charges via Micro USB cable or 12V Cigarette port. Cables are included. 
JUMPR comes with proprietary jumper cables which are also included. 

DIMPLE™ is a small NFC™ sticker with four buttons for Android™ devices

중국發 '아이폰6' 목업 이미지 포착.. 얇은 베젤과 곡면 모서리 '눈길'

애플 아이폰6(가칭)의 목업 원형으로 추정되는 사진들이 중국으로부터 등장했다.
29일(현지시간) 프랑스 IT매체 노웨어엘스는 중국 애플 포럼으로부터 입수한 아이폰6의 목업으로 추정되는 사진을 공개했다.
사진 속 목업 제품의 정확한 크기는 확인되지 않았지만, 사진상으로 봐도 아이폰5S(7.6mm)보다 얇아 보이고 아이패드미니 또는 아이패드 에어같은 느낌도 주고 있다.
또, 기존의 각진 모서리가 아닌 둥근 모서리가 채용됐으며 돌출된 후면 카메라, 새롭게 디자인된 볼륨 버튼, 둥근 LED 플래시 등은 앞서 유출됐던 루머와도 일치한다.
이 목업이 실제 아이폰6 목업인지는 알 수없다. 사진을 입수한 노웨어엘스 역시'아이폰6'인지는 확실치 않다고 밝히고 있다. 하지만, 항간에 떠돌고 있는 루머와 상당부분 일치되는 점으로 미루어 보아 아이폰6가 이와 비슷한 디자인을 가지고 있을 것이라는 추측은 해볼 수 있다.

The Rufus Cuff - More than a Smartwatch. A Wrist Communicator.


All indiegogo editions of the Rufus Cuff are fully customizable using the Open Source Android KitKat Kernel. A developer community will be available at rufuslabs.com, which will allow you to discuss and develop your Rufus Cuff project with other developers. For developer forum details and updates, sign up here.
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The Rufus Cuff looks great on the top of the wrist, like a traditional watch, or on the underside of the wrist, to keep alerts and messages more discreet. To show you how they look in person, we stepped out of the lab and into sunlight to take some photos.
Some samples from our friends at DODOcase to showcase the contrast stitch options and quality USA leather used on our DODOcase Band edition Rufus Cuff models. 

Stretch Goals
$200k in funding
We’ll add a new band color option for reaching our goal! Orange. Anyone who ordered the ColorPack will instantly receive this color band at no extra charge.
$300k in funding
We’ll add a new band color option! Violet. Anyone who ordered the ColorPack will instantly receive this color band at no extra charge.
$1mil in funding
rufuslabs officially begins the realization of a vision that our products should benefit more than just our users. We will begin donating 2.5% of net profits to fight disease, hunger, and discrimination around the globe. We’ll also unlock a new charitable edition Rufus Cuff in all new colors! (Our Special Edition Rufus Initiative models carry a higher percentage of sales being donated to charitable causes)
$2mil in funding
Our charitable initiative doubles to our full giving goal: 5% of net profits AND we unlock a new charitable edition Rufus Cuff in all new colors! (Our Special Edition Rufus Initiative models carry a higher percentage of sales being donated to charitable causes)

Q: What devices is the Rufus Cuff compatible with?
A: The Rufus Cuff is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Windows and Blackberry devices are not supported at this time, but could be supported in the future as we further our development.

Q: When do I make my color choices for my Rufus Cuff and my add-on perks?
A: As we get closer to production we will reach out to all our awesome supporters and ask for your preferences of color choices, engraving text, etc.

Q: Will the band fit my wrist?
We will be offering a S/M or L/XL option for our supporters. We will be posting size charts and reaching out to our supporters before launch for them to be able to make the size selection for the band that is right for them.

Q: Is it water resistant?
A: Yes, the Rufus Cuff can handle rain, spills and splashes. 

Q: What are shipping rates/policies?
A: Shipping for the Rufus Cuff will be FREE in the United States. We will be charging for any international shipments but we will limit that to cost. So, if it costs 28.06 to ship to you internationally, we will charge you 28.06. 

Q: Can it be worn in righty or lefty mode?
A: Yup! The Rufus Cuff's UI can be adjusted to be worn in righty or lefty mode. It also has a portrait mode which is great for scrolling through Facebook or instagram feeds when worn on the underside of the arm.

Q: What if I need to change my shipping information before delivery?
A: We will be emailing all our backers as we approach production for shipping address confirmation/changes. Don't worry - we'll make sure the Rufus Cuff gets to you.

Q: Does it have led notification lights?
A: The Rufus Cuff will be built with LED’s for notifications & alerts. The LED can also be used as a superbright handsfree flashlight (just like the flash on your smartphone, but without having to hold it).

Q: What will be included in the package?
A: The indiegogo edition Rufus Cuff will ship with our User Manual, Wall Charger, Micro USB cable, an awesome Rufus Labs sticker and a personal thank you note to you, our earliest supporters. * Each Rufus Cuff ordered during indiegogo will be marked as “Special Indiegogo Edition” on the underside of the main body. 

Q: Will the Rufus Cuff implement Android Wear?
A: No. The Rufus Cuff uses the FULL version of the Android Operating System to give our users an excellent and rich user experience on their Rufus Cuff.

Q: Does the Rufus Cuff feature a speaker or headphone socket?
A: The Rufus Cuff has a built in Mic and Speaker. There is no headphone jack. This helps improve water resistance and keep the Rufus Cuff as slim and sleek as possible. It does have BT 4.0 built in so it can support BT headsets and earphones. 

Q: What's the status on Google Play?
The Rufus Cuff is built to conform to all necessary specifications and guidelines outlined by Google for Play access. A portion of the funds raised in our campaign will be used to pay for the certification and testing required by Google to be granted Play access. 

Q: What will be the price of the device after launch?
A: After launch we don’t have set pricing yet but our estimated retail pricing for our base model Rufus Cuff will be around $325-$350.

Q: What materials is the watch made out of?
A: The Rufus Cuff is made from body-safe silicone and plastic materials for user comfort and a better quality build. 

Q: How is the heat dissipation?
A: Heat is a big concern for us with a wearable device like the Rufus Cuff. We are taking steps, both with processor selection, lower power consumption components and software solutions to make sure the Rufus Cuff won't go over certain threshold temperatures. 

Q: What kind of compatibility will the Rufus Cuff have with iPhone since it runs on Android?
The Rufus Cuff & iPhone - Features
  • Full access to Siri 
    • Use voice commands to place calls, send messages, ask for sports scores, find out the weather… almost anything you can do using Siri can be done through BT connection on the Rufus Cuff, right on your wrist.
  • Camera Shutter Control
    • Place your iPhone anywhere for a good pic and step into frame. Use the home button on the Rufus Cuff to trigger your camera shutter and take a photo or video.
  • Music Playlist Control
    • See all your iPhone playlists and control them right from your wrist
  • Receive Alerts & Notifications
    • receive bluetooth push alerts from Messages, Email, Calendar, and apps like Facebook and more – anything the iOS Notification Center supports.
  • Data Tethering
    • If your carrier plan supports data tethering, the iPhone can be connected to the Rufus Cuff, allowing the RC to access your smartphones data network.

* We are working on a software solution to allow for the use of sending iMessages directly from the Rufus Cuff. This will most likely be a post launch software update.

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