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Bluejay: The world's first smart mount for your car

The world's first smart mount seamlessly connects your phone to your car via beacon technology and an integrated mobile app.

About this project

Bluejay is the world’s first smart mount that seamlessly connects your phone to your car. Made of carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum, Bluejay can be placed anywhere in your vehicle and is equipped with Bluetooth Smart beacon technology. With a simple interface to reduce distractions while driving, Bluejay’s mobile app helps you find your car in a crowded parking lot, quickly locate the nearest petrol station, or respond to incoming text messages and calls with a single tap or swipe.
Bluejay is designed to hold your phone in the perfect position.
Using three different mounting accessories, Bluejay can be attached anywhere in your car.
Bluejay allows you to mount your phone in any way you want.
Bluejay comes in several styles. The Carbon and Classic versions come with different top plate materials. The Carbon version features a 100% carbon fiber top plate with a high-gloss finish.
You can also get Bluejay in Gold or Black.
Bluejay Carbon, Gold and Black
Bluejay Carbon, Gold and Black
Bluejay Custom Edition comes with a custom logo on the top plate.
Bluejay Limited Edition comes in a graphite gray color, with a laser engraved numbered plate. You can also pick your custom message.
Using a multi-axis system, simply adjust Bluejay until your phone is in the perfect position. Bluejay's magnetic top allows you to attach your phone to the thin metal plate placed on the back of your phone.
The magnet is powerful enough to hold your phone, no matter how bumpy the ride, and it doesn't affect your phone in any way.
Bluejay comes with three different mounting accessories, you get 3 adhesive pads, an air vent clip and a suction cup, the latter two hold the Bluejay in place using strong magnets. You can simply change the mounting position anytime you want.
Using a combination of bluetooth smart and GPS, the app will carefully guide you back to your car, even when there is no reception available.
Cant find your phone?
Double-tap Bluejay and your phone will ring.
The Ultimate Driving Dashboard
Bluejay comes with a dedicated app that simplifies your driving experience. As soon as you place your phone on Bluejay, the app will immediately launch.
Bluejay optimises everyday tasks. Whether it’s making a call, scrolling through your playlist, or finding your destination, Bluejay gets you there in three taps or less.
 Bluejay app will be available on iPhones 4S or later and on Android 4.3+
iOS and Android compatible
iOS and Android compatible
Peace of mind in emergency situations
Stay safe on the road with Bluejay’s “do-not-disturb” mode and “take-a-break” notifications. In the worst case scenario, Bluejay’s crash detection can swiftly help you reach assistance with its pre-programmed SMS/emergency call.
Shortcut to your playlists
Integrated with multiple on-demand music apps and internet radio, like Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud, it’s easier than ever to access podcasts and audiobooks, perfect for long drives and road trips. 
If your car stereo supports Bluetooth or AUX Bluejay app can play music through it's speakers.
Get there faster
Getting around just got a whole lot easier. Find the nearest gas station, parking space, restaurant, repair shop or anything else you might need, just by looking at the screen. When you tap the icon, the turn-by-turn navigation will immediately launch.
You can also use Bluejay’s directions when heading to your next meeting, and even set up automatic reminders so you don’t forget.
Calling and texting is now easier and safer
Bluejay simplifies your phone usage while driving. Boasting an innovative dashboard, specifically designed for on-the-road use, you can make calls and send texts with just a single tap.
Personalized car insights
Check the integrated information panel to find out when you need to fill up, change the oil, or even your recommended tyre pressure. When your car breaks down, you can easily find the nearest repair shop or call roadside assistance.
 Connect your car to your world
Integrate your Nest, Hue or other smart home systems with Bluejay and add your favorite actions. Automatically check and lock the door when you leave, turn on the heat before you come home, check if you accidently left the lights on and much more.
Bluejay natively integrates with other 3rd party apps so you can do more than ever. You can report driving expenses, save your trips, set up a virtual driving instructor, add a racing dashboard, etc.
To bring Bluejay closer to the connected world we are also developing some other features:
  • Bluejay-to-Bluejay connections, which will create a smart network for Bluejay users
  • Automatic collection of loyalty points at gas stations
  • Automatic parking ticket system
Bluejay connects via a Bluetooth low-energy beacon that's placed inside the mount. It communicates with your smartphone, so it knows exactly where you are whether it’s in the car, on the road, or looking for a parking space.
    Choose from a suction cup, adhesive pad, or air vent clip
    Each battery is replaceable and lasts for 2 years 
    Connects your car to your phone 
    For integrated crash detection and gesture recognition
    High grade aluminum + carbon fiber 
    Placing your phone in the perfect position
  • Martin Mikeln - Team Lead, Hardware engineer and a passionate Audi lover 
  • Nicholas Bartlett - A serial internet entrepreneur and the company owner 
  • Luka Perović - A data scientist and developer who makes the Bluejay magic happen online
  • Bartek Dołęga - Hardware specialist and a Bluetooth expert 
  • Slobodan Cvijetić - Industrial designer who ensured that Bluejay looks so damn good 
  • Amanda Gray - PR expert and copywriter who writes our successful story 
  • Maja Voje - Marketing and business development consultant 
  • Jure Knehtl - Kickstarter savvy digital marketer 
  • Katja Slovenc - Talented photographer who made Bluejay look great

애플 '아이폰5SE' 출시 가격 49만원~61만원.. 아이폰5S 가격 50% 인하 전망

애플의 신형 4인치 아이폰5SE(가칭)이 400달러~500달러에 출시될 것이라는 전망이 나왔다.
KGI 증권 애플 분석가 밍치궈가 최근 발표한 보고서에 따르면 지금까지 알려졌던 4인치 아이폰의 제품 명칭은 아이폰5SE가 아닌 아이폰SE다.
아이폰SE 특징은 유출된 렌더링처럼 모서리 부분이 약간 곡면으로 처리됐으며 아이폰6S와 동일한 A9 프로세서가 탑재되며 애플페이와 라이브 포토도 지원한다. 후면 카메라는 800만에서 1200만 화소로 업그레이드된다.
밍치궈가 예상한 아이폰SE 가격은 400달러(약 49만원)~500달러(약 61만원)이다. 또, 밍치궈는 아이폰SE 출시된 후에는 아이폰5S 가격이 50% 인하될 것으로 전망했다.
한편, 외신에 따르면 애플 신제품 발표회는 당초 알려졌던 내달 15일에서 1주일이 연기된 21일 개최된다. 이날 애플은 신형 4인치 아이폰과 9.7인치 아이패드 프로, 개선된 애플워치 등을 공개할 것으로 알려졌다.

영화 : 크리드 (Creed 2015)

록키 추억팔이 영화라고 볼 수 있겠지만,

예상밖으로 록키에 대한 색은 그다지 짙지 않았다.

추억장면을 부각해서 더 튈수도 있었겠지만,

록키도 자기 자신을 내려놓은듯한, 그래서 더욱 빛나는 조연이 아닐까?

자신을 내려놓고 연기해서 다시 전성기를 맞는 배우들도 많이 있으니...

2016년 2월 28일 일요일

AI learns to predict human reactions by reading our fiction

A team of Stanford researchers have developed a novel means of teaching artificial intelligence systems how to predict a human's response to their actions. They've given their knowledge base, dubbed Augur, access to online writing community Wattpad and its archive of more than 600,000 stories. This information will enable support vector machines (basically, learning algorithms) to better predict what people do in the face of various stimuli.
"Over many millions of words, these mundane patterns [of people's reactions] are far more common than their dramatic counterparts," the team wrote in their study. "Characters in modern fiction turn on the lights after entering rooms; they react to compliments by blushing; they do not answer their phones when they are in meetings."
In its initial field tests, using an Augur-powered wearable camera, the system correctly identified objects and people 91 percent of the time. It correctly predicted their next move 71 percent of the time.
This isn't the first time developers have turned to books to teach computers, mind you. Facebook just this week handed its AI a 1.96 gb stack of children's books in hopes of teaching it a similar lesson. 

Volvo shows off a prototype of its self-emptying trash can

Volvo's ROAR (RObot based Autonomous Refuse handling) project has moved into prototype testing, the company announced earlier this week. The ROAR system is designed to autonomously empty trash cans from the back of a garbage truck, saving the driver from having to manually load bins into the hopper. The initial concept involved just the robot, which relied on maps of the neighborhood and likely bin locations (as well as GPS, LiDAR and accelerometers) to help it navigate. The new iteration, on the other hand, also employs an aerial drone that lifts off from the garbage truck's roof to act as a pair of "eyes in the sky" for the ROAR, telling it where the trash cans actually are, not just where they're supposed to be.

Volvo teamed with undergrads at three universities -- Chalmers University of Technology, Mälardalen University and Penn State University -- to design and construct the prototype in just four months. "We predict a future with more automation," Per-Lage Götvall, project manager for robot development in the Volvo Group, said in a statement. "This project is intended to stimulate our imagination, to test new concepts that may shape transport solutions of the future."

'갤럭시S9' 선라이즈 골드 미국서 출시되나…렌더링 공개

'갤럭시S9' 선라이즈 골드 미국서 출시되나…렌더링 공개 삼성전자는 지난주 갤럭시S9과 갤럭시S9 플러스의 버건디 레드와 선라이즈 골드 색상을 오는 25일 국내에 신규로 출시한다고 밝혔다. 이중 선라이즈 골드 색상은 북미시장에도...